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Select ferry fares discounted on Powell River/Texada and Saltery Bay/Earls Cove routes

BC Ferries offering savings on less busy sailings
SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION: BC Ferries has announced that it is offering savings on vehicle fares on two local routes for sailings that are not during the peak travel periods. Vehicles on eligible sailings will receive a 75 per cent off saving, but regular passenger rates apply.

Now that summer has arrived, BC Ferries is launching a promotion on select sailings on 11 of its inter-island routes from July 6 through September 1 for local residents and vacationers to soak up the savings.

According to a media release from BC Ferries, the promotion is designed to encourage customers to travel on less busy sailings by giving them a discount, freeing up space at more popular times.

The release stated that customers with flexibility in their travel plans can save significantly on standard or over-height vehicle fares when they travel on select early morning or late evening sailings. The promotion applies to specific inter-island (non-bookable) routes where there is capacity available.

The 75 per cent discount off the standard rate will be applied at the terminal and is not available for purchase in advance.

BC Ferries recommends customers arrive early to ensure they make it on the sailing of choice.

Regular fares will apply for driver and passengers, however, those travelling with an Experience Card can still access savings on applicable routes for driver and passengers. The following routes are included in the promotion: Powell River (Saltery Bay) to Sunshine Coast (Earls Cove) and Powell River (Westview) to Texada Island (Blubber Bay).

Certain routes are not included in the promotion as traffic patterns indicate there are no lower-utilized sailings available during the peak season.

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