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Eagles fight in Pender Harbour

Pair had been hanging upside down in tree for hours
eagle fight

Two bald eagles locked in combat in a fir tree on Francis Peninsula Road in Pender Harbour on Saturday, May 1. The pair had been hanging upside down in the tree for hours, as ravens swooped down and tore at their feathers, said residents Dimitri and Kelly Shvartsman. The couple called Coastal Wildlife Rescue’s Tammy Trefry, who in turn called Chad Hourie, owner of Pender Harbour Tree Service, who arrived on the scene within 15 minutes. As Hourie climbed toward the birds, he could see that the eagle on the right had embedded its talons deep into the leg of the other bird during their life-and-death struggle. As Hourie got closer, the bird released its grip and took flight. The other bird may have been seriously injured in the fight and anyone who sees it in the area can call Trefry at 604-399-8502.