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Coopers Green Hall project will move ahead

Plans to continue design process, prepare budget adopted at July 8 board meeting 
Coopers Green Hall. File photo

Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) directors approved the Coopers Green Hall replacement project at their July 8 board meeting. 

The project to rebuild the community hall in Halfmoon Bay has been in the works since the SCRD signed a memorandum of understanding in 2014 with the Halfmoon Bay Community Association to work jointly towards building a new community hall. Although the project was included as a placeholder in the SCRD’s 2021 budget, it wasn’t until a June 24 committee meeting rural directors voted three to two to prepare to go ahead with the project. 

At the July 8 meeting, directors officially adopted recommendations for the project to proceed, with a budget update to come to a future committee meeting, as well as a report on tendering and a project cost control strategy. The recommendation also calls for a proposed operating plan in partnership with the Halfmoon Bay Community Association and reactivating the design process.

The project’s current estimated cost is $3.1 million, $2 million of which would be covered by grants from senior governments. Community donations have also raised more than $345,000 to contribute to the project costs.

But it was not a unanimous vote to adopt the recommendation. Directors Donna McMahon of Elphinstone and Roberts Creek’s Andreas Tize were opposed to the motion. 

Directors also adopted the recommendation to include net-zero readiness as a requirement in the design brief, and increase some associated costs.