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Community meeting about future of Glassford coming

A meeting with the town, residents and consultants is to be planned to decide the future of Glassford Road.
Glassford Road in Gibsons has been closed to vehicles as part of a traffic calming project.

The barricades blocking Glassford Road from being a vehicle thoroughfare aren’t coming down yet, but Town of Gibsons council members and neighbourhood residents hope a resolution is soon to come. A consultation meeting between the public, the council and contractor Urban Systems is to be held (date to be determined)  – after that, there is to be decision of what to do with the road temporarily closed more than a year and a half ago. 

Nearly 20 members of the public attended a Nov. 29 mid-afternoon committee of the whole discussing what’s to come next with the project. The meeting had been set to be hybrid, but a problem connecting council members to Zoom meant the meeting took place in-person. 

Included on the meeting agenda was a concept drawing from Urban Systems that proposes keeping the road closed near Blain Lane using permanent and breakaway bollards.

That was not a popular idea with the crowd in attendance. 

Residents voiced frustration with how long the process was taking and the road still being closed – several said it shouldn’t have been closed in the first place and different speed control initiatives should have been imposed. 

Several people commented that the street is designated a children’s play area on the website (A June project update on the Town’s website reads: “The closure of that section of Glassford Road reflected the needs of the local residents, which include approximately 30 children who use the space as a play area.”) “Why do we need a play area on the street?” Asked residents. 

In June, council opted to move the barricades from the Gower Point Road entrance to Glassford to beside Blain Lane, breaking up the sections of road, but as summer vacation loomed, to not reopen the road following pleas from several parents and children concerned about safety. 

Many of the speakers lived on streets adjoining Glassford rather than the road itself (though at least five lived on Glassford)  and so are affected by the closure, minutes added to their commute or response by emergency vehicles.  “I mean, if I lived on Glassford Road, I’d probably be in favor of closing the road. But I don’t and I don’t think it’s a good solution,” said one speaker, suggesting a good survey or facilitated meeting to capture the wishes of all affected.