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Climate rally held at Davis Bay

Call for government action on climate change
N.Climate protest
Young protester Cohen (holding the sign in the foreground) was one of the participants in the Sept. 8 event.

Demonstrators encouraging the public to call for government action on climate change issues lined Highway 101 at the Davis Bay pier on Sept 8.

The event started with about 35 people, from toddlers to seniors, present.

It was organized by the Sunshine Coast Climate Action Network and For Our Kids Sunshine Coast.

“Our kids don’t have the option to vote," Alaya Boisvert, spokesperson for the network, said. "As we head up to the federal election, the top issue for Canadians now is action on climate change, which means no more fossil fuel investments and transitioning to a fair and just economy.

"What is most important is having a plan to get there and the willingness to be bold and creative leaders in Parliament and that is what we are calling for,” Boisvert said.