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The Sunshine Coast's class of 2022 will graduate in-person

Grad caps will once again meet in the air this summer as SD46 celebrates its students with the return of in-person graduation ceremonies and prom.
Sunshine Coast graduates will celebrate with in-person events in 2022. (via Shutterstock)

The Class of 2022 is thrilled to be graduating with in-person celebrations — and the return of prom. 

Sunshine Coast School District No. 46 (SD46) superintendent Kate Kerr told Coast Reporter when she met with the student leadership team, “Their excitement and relief and joy at being able to return to these events was so evident.”

“Without any capacity limits now, we have the opportunity to have our grads in person,” Kerr said. Grade 7 leaving ceremonies will also be in-person.

Sunshine Coast Alternative School’s graduation ceremony will be on June 20. Pender Harbour Secondary and Chatlech Secondary will both have graduation ceremonies on June 21 (at different times), and Elphinstone Secondary students will graduate on June 22.

The return of pre-pandemic opportunities for students to celebrate will come with consideration for people who need to be careful or are unable or uncomfortable attending an in-person event, Kerr said. Principals are considering outdoor events, and Coast Cable will film graduation for at least two of the graduating classes of Grade 12 students.

One prom was held in May, and Chatlech Secondary will be hosting prom in June. Pender Harbour will have one large event on the same day, with prom following the graduation ceremony. Students of the Sunshine Coast Alternative School have been invited to join prom events at the larger schools.

“What it means for me is that opportunity for personal connection, and being able to be in person with the students and staff and families to really celebrate their accomplishments this year,” Kerr said. “I'm deeply grateful that we're having that opportunity to do so.”

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Board meetings also in-person

As school board trustees met for the May 11 Sunshine Coast School District No. 46 (SD46) board meeting, it marked the first time the meeting was held in-person in more than a year. 

Toward the end of the meeting, an attendee asked why committee meetings are still being held virtually on Zoom. Trustees explained that the decision was intended to reduce barriers rather than create them. One factor was the locations of the meetings, and how some trustees would need to travel to consecutive meetings since different trustees attend different meetings. Trustees also considered keeping meetings online so people who work would be able to check-in and participate virtually.

Upcoming election

Although there was some discussion about creating an ad-hoc committee to "consider how to incorporate consensus building language into board policy," trustees ultimately decided to put off the decision because of the upcoming election. This fall, along with the municipal and local government elections, school board elections will take place on Oct. 15. 

During the board meeting, secretary-treasurer Nicholas Weswick and executive assistant to the secretary-treasurer Erica Reimer were appointed as the chief and deputy elections officers, respectively.