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Brush hour: TraC Sunshine Coast sends a sweeping message to MOTI

Volunteers participate in 'vigilante shoulder sweeping', cleaning up bike lanes and road shoulders, once a month

On the third Thursday of the month, volunteers with Transportation Choices Sunshine Coast (TraC) don high-visibility vests and grab their brooms. In small groups, they tackle a section of road on the Lower Sunshine Coast, sweeping the shoulders and bike lanes to make them safer to share the road.

This March 16 effort marked the last of the winter's active advocacy nights, said the TraC newsletter, where they were doing "some vigilante shoulder sweeping off the highway hard-shoulder (nee bike lane) between Field Road and Mission Point park."

The effort also sends a message to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), one volunteer told Coast Reporter, that more needs to be done on Sunshine Coast roads.