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An SCRD board that shunned 'bubble wrap' protection steps away

Outgoing Sunshine Coast Regional District Board chair Darnelda Siegers reflected on the term of 'Team Sunshine Coast'
Back in 2018, the newly elected Sunshine Coast Regional Board posed for a photo at its inaugural meeting. From left: Mark Hiltz, Keith Julius, Leonard Lee, Donna McMahon, Andreas Tize, Lori Pratt, Darnelda Siegers, Tom Lamb and Bill Beamish. The new board will be a mix of fresh faces and old hands.

A brief from the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) Oct. 27 board meeting

At their final meeting, as each of the directors at the table acknowledged the end of the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) Board’s term, they exchanged compliments and expressions of appreciation for each others’ efforts.

Several directors said they were proud of the “Team Sunshine Coast” approach that was implemented during the term. That effort saw elected officials from the local government jurisdictions in the area sharing resources and presenting a united front in dealings with senior governments and outside agencies.

After checking to ensure she had tissues on hand to address tears, Chair Siegers began her closing message, “I remember Director Pratt saying [to staff] 'don’t bubble wrap us,' and that started it.

"We [the board] told staff, bring it on, whatever it is that is going on, don’t bubble wrap us, let us know.”

Acknowledging that board meeting preparations often required review of 400-page agendas, Siegers said, “It took a lot of courage, a lot of reading, a lot of questioning. The directors all came, always, very prepared having read everything. We did not always agree but there was always respect at the table, respect for decisions and we respected each other. I think we made a difference.”

“Team Sunshine Coast, well, I have done a bit to keep that going,” Siegers said. She noted that an upcoming joint orientation session for the individuals elected to represent the Town of Gibsons, District of Sechelt and the SCRD rural areas has been scheduled. “I look forward to what you will be able to accomplish,” she said.

Pratt responded to the chair’s message with thanks to Siegers for her leadership and friendship.

Pratt also expressed appreciation to Siegers for helping her pack and label boxes for her move off Coast. Neither mentioned if bubble wrap was involved in that activity.