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Polyjesters come to Pender

"A kitchen party to share with the world" - that's what the Polyjesters are all about.

"A kitchen party to share with the world" - that's what the Polyjesters are all about. Two brothers, Jason (bass and vocals) and Sheldon (baritone ukulele and vocals) Valleau, ably assisted by Scott Duncan on a mean fiddle and Rob Vulic on power-driven percussion, provide the essential ingredients in their recipe for top-notch entertainment spiked with laughter, which they call "swingin' folk chunk."

In the past, not all has been merry music making in the Polyjester's genesis, for Grampa Valleau provided the impetus for all this family chunkin' around the kitchen table on the farm with ukuleles in hand. This all came about when the family cream separator snatched a major portion of Gramp's index finger - not a major disaster, but it certainly put a crimp in his guitar picking. Naturally, his son and grandsons followed suit in their 'ukes, learning to chunk and developing the outgoing, funny, awesome ability to entertain a crowd with musical acumen and genuine humour.

This kitchen party may have had its beginnings in Didsbury Alta., but the Polyjesters came to a boil on the streets of Nice, France, where Jason and Sheldon earned adventure money by performing with one upright bass and two voices. This provocative combination of Jason playing the strings while Sheldon drummed on the bass body provided a strong foundation for their humour and music.

With their contagious love of music, these skilled and generous entertainers are eager to share with anyone they meet because they really love people and they really love music.

With infectious charm, Polyjesters offer a sure fire cure, a safe bet in the someone-you've-never-heard-of category. Polyjesters guarantee to exceed all expectations as they have received high praise from every client at previously performed international events, including the Monaco Grand Prix and Disney World.

Sheldon is a bit of a poet, standing in good stead with lyrics, according to brother Jason, who has the following words of wisdom to encourage one and all to come to Polyjester's Kitchen: "You have to leave the nest and see how many people can kick your butt out there and see how many beautiful musicians there are. You need to sit in a club, be inspired, and not to mention to anybody you're a musician. You know, kind of shut up and drink it as fuel," he said.

So if the mid-winter jickers have got hold of your soul, these whirling dervish jesters of the time-honoured Sufi tradition will provide high energy and great music in a couple of hours in Polyjester's Kitchen.

Come one, come all to the Pender Harbour School of Music on Friday, March 4, at 8 p.m. (doors open at 7:30). Tickets are $20 at John Henry's in Garden Bay, Harbour Insurance in Madeira Park, Talewind Books and Magic Sound in Sechelt and Coast Books in Gibsons. For more information, call 604-883-2403.

Thanks to Eric Graham of the Park Motel for providing accommodation for the performers.