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Gumption and gifts: polished presentation for launch of new book

Under the Covers
Patricia Hetherington at her Jan. 27 book launch for Under the Covers.

Author Patricia Hetherington of Hopkins Landing threw back the covers and launched her second book on Jan. 27 in a polished presentation that upped the bar for stylish author readings. 

Under the Covers: A Life of Gumption, Passion, Gifts and Secrets is the title of her latest book that will be available from all major outlets on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day. 

Each chapter, a series of essays, describes one aspect of Hetherington’s life, one touchstone that sparks memories. For example, an essay, The Dance, begins with her childhood when she danced with her father then moves to reminiscences about various dancing partners throughout the years. The dashing fellow from San Francisco who she danced with so harmoniously at a glamorous party in Vancouver decides to join her on the Sunshine Coast for one more dance. After a day of travelling by plane, taxi and ferry he waltzes her around the much less glamorous Seniors Centre. Though the romance doesn’t amount to much, the dancing is memorable. 

Her story, The Gift, digs deep and reveals a very sensual memory, that of a secret desire. The Pie is a tribute to sisterhood plus it delivers a terrific recipe for a lemon meringue dessert. My personal favourite is The Bun. If you have ever waited in anticipation in a yeasty, warm bakery early in the morning for fresh, hot cinnamon buns, you will understand the attraction. 

Though the language is elegant and refined there is something raw sitting solidly beneath the shining paragraphs. Hetherington makes herself quite vulnerable to the reader. 

“I’ve never been inclined to couch my words to protect my image,” she told Coast Reporter. “It flattens the story.” Those who have read her previous book, The Winter Gardener, would agree. 

Her book launch was timed for the date of her birthday. It was polished and masterful, even Toastmastersful. Hetherington is a member of Morningstars, the Gibsons club of Toastmasters, and drawing on that experience, she used the subtle skills that members learn to tell her stories and be supported by a group of friends and colleagues who added greatly to the presentation. 

Under the Covers (Rose Pointe Publishing) will be available online through Amazon, Kobo, etc., on Feb. 14 and is also available on the Coast for $19.95 at One Flower One Leaf Gallery on Marine Drive in Gibsons. Hetherington’s new website – – will also be live on Feb. 14.