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Driftwood Theatre School launches an ambitious season

Driftwood Theatre School and parent company Driftwood Players are teaming up to mount Lois Lowry’s magical and poignant play Gossamer
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After a two-year hiatus, Driftwood Theatre School is back with an exciting new mainstage co-production for 2022.

Driftwood Theatre School (DTS) is launching 2022 with an exciting roster of drama classes for youth and adults and an ambitious new mainstage co-production. DTS will team up with parent company Driftwood Players to mount Lois Lowry’s magical and poignant play Gossamer adapted from her wildly successful novel for young readers.

This lyrical adaptation explores the power of dreams and the appealingly quirky characters that create them. An eager young Dreamgiver, known simply as Littlest One, struggles to heal the hearts of an abused boy, his grieving caregiver, and his estranged mother before their haunting memories become more than they can bear.

Director Ingrid Bilton is excited for the opportunity to bring this charming play to life. “It’s an ambitious project involving a host of designers as well as animation and tech specialists who have eagerly stepped up to join our Gossamer team.” 

DTS Administrator Shannon Rody looks forward to mounting a new mainstage production after a two-year hiatus. “The Driftwood Theatre School is quite excited to bring Gossamer to the stage now, with new technology to support such a visually stunning piece and in a time when such inspiring stories seem even more poignant. The rehearsals and production, with a much smaller cast than previous DTS shows, enables a safe work environment with very intense dramatic study as a close-knit troupe of committed youth and adults.” Auditions for youth and adult roles take place on Jan. 11 with audition details on the DTS/DP website.

In addition to the Gossamer project, DTS offers an exciting array of courses for all ages starting in January. Instructor Gabriel Ryan leads a 14-week action-packed course for beginners entitled “The FUNdamentals of Drama.” For children ages 10 and up he offers “The Magic of Theater,” which promises “fun, connection, and growth.” Local actor/director Sally Williams is offering a rich, absorbing weekend- intensive workshop for adults in “The Transformative Power of the Michael Chekhov Technique.” The young performers in Gossamer will be involved in a Youth Performance Troupe that will meet weekly to enrich their characterization skills and study the challenging themes of our play.

To register for a DTS course, or for further information regarding the Jan. 11 audition, go to or contact Registrar Sandi McGinnis at