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Spotlight on Special O: Fall registration looms

We are halfway through this unprecedentedly hot summer. In the sun, athletes are swimming in the ocean, running on paths, hiking in parks and enjoying their vacays. All of this physical activity is keeping them sharp and prepared. Prepared for what you ask? Special O sports of course! 

Other athletes continued competing by attending the World Special Olympics Summer Games in Berlin; the first games hosted since 2019! Although no one from our local attended, more than 7,000 athletes and volunteers took part from June 17 to 25. Athletes from across the world competed in nine sports: track and field, basketball, bocce, bowling, golf, powerlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer and swimming. Team Canada’s 89 athletes brought home a whopping 96 medals! 

Locally, registration awaits: Sept. 12 at SCACL. Athletes can come in person or send in a form to sign up for all their favourite sports for the 2023/2024 Season. From basketball to swimming, it’s all there. 

Many folks from SOSC will be on hand to assist you. Wonderful folks who dedicate their time to ensuring you as an athlete are able to enjoy all the activities that Special O provides. 

These amazing folks are called volunteers. Year after year, month after month, week after week they are always there, tireless and dedicated. It’s truly heartwarming to witness their extraordinary efforts and the lengths to which they extend themselves all for the athletes’ benefit. 

Volunteers also come in the form of owners of businesses who help to facilitate Special O activities. This is very true with Blue Ocean Golf Club. Chuck Bertrand, head golf coach for SOSC and the athletes would like to thank in particular Ken (general manager), Ben (golf shop manager) and Lisa (food and beverage manager) for their 100 per cent support of our golf program. 

If you or anyone you know, is interested in helping out in any capacity from coaching to assisting, to sitting on the executive or lending a hand in promotion and support for the causes, please don’t hesitate to contact Pat Stuart at [email protected] or Allyson Pearson at [email protected]. My position as athlete reporter is evidence that a deep knowledge of sports and how they are organized is not a requirement – just a keen interest in supporting the diversability community. All necessary training is provided free. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the lazy hazy dog days of summer and I’ll be back in September!