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Photos: 'I had a really nice time': Youth report on the 25th Dad 'n' Me Dance

Excitement was high for the 25th annual Dad & Me Dance held at Chatelech Secondary on May 14. The highly anticipated event, hosted by the Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast, is for girls aged five to 13 and their dads or other “awesome dude” in their lives. Girls and their dates enjoyed a barbecue meal, sweet treats, fun games, and some wild dancing. 

Rotary Interactors Nardeen Ibrahim and Bryan Shen, both Grade 11 students at Chatelech High School, worked as reporters for the 25th annual Dad n Me Dance last Tuesday, held by the Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast.

Interact clubs are sponsored by Rotary clubs, allowing high school students to be mentored as they carry out projects and develop leadership skills while they learn the value of service to the community. The following are their stories, acting as a reporter for the evening.


I had chances to go to the Dad n Me Dance with my dad, but I didn’t. I wish I did now. I had a really nice time. The daughters looked like princesses. Dads were so nice and welcoming. Some wore suits, and others wore funky clothes. It was cool. Dads were there for their daughters. It reminded me of my dad and how supportive he is. I saw the same bond between dads and daughters at the dance.

Some dads take their daughters yearly because the age range is between five and 12. I asked the dads and daughters, “Why do you keep coming back?” The daughters often hugged their dad and said, “I love having fun with my dad.” One dad replied, “It’s a night we wouldn’t want to miss.” It was his third year. The happy atmosphere showed me how much the Dad n Me Dance matters to our community.


It was amazing to see the wave of dads and daughters dressed up. As I spoke to them, I could feel that this event is a unique celebration for them. Most of the dads said it was their third or fourth year. When asked, “Why do you keep coming back?” Dads often said that it was the memories the dance brings. The bonding they experience with their daughters makes it truly meaningful for them.

As I watched dads dancing with their daughters, twirling them on the dance floor, I could see that they were enjoying this time and that something special was happening for them. It was a magical night for dads and daughters.

For more photos of the event, go to the Rotary Club of the Sunshine Coast website: