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Obituary: Camden Verlaan

'Camden, we feel your love and light, and we do and will remember. You live on, with and in us.'

Feb. 2, 2003 - Mar. 8, 2023

Camden Vincent Leo Joseph Verlaan was born in Vancouver, grew up in Roberts Creek, and died in Huanchaco, Peru, where he was volunteering at a dog rescue. He is survived by his loving sister Claire Verlaan, his dedicated mother Suzanne Matovic, and his devoted father Vince Verlaan.

Family members are now in mourning. Friends on the coast, in Vancouver, and in Peru are deeply shaken. They talk of Camden "standing up for what he believed in", having "incredible insight for such a young guy", and "always being there for me when I needed him".

The outpouring of love and concern since Camden was killed shows that he touched many people with his kindness, wit, wisdom, strength, loving nature, and open heart.

Having learned to live with a chronic illness (celiac) that he struggled with for seven challenging years, Camden was traveling after saving funds from his job in the Gumboot.

He was sketching, reading philosophy and science fiction, drinking mojitos, visiting historic sites, eating ceviche, playing bass, buying jewelry, learning to juggle and salsa dance, and to surf. He was really loving life.

Inquisitive, smart, and an excellent student, his Grade 7 teachers said he was "beyond our capacity to teach". An excellent athlete, Camden won awards at basketball camp, was scouted as a soccer goalie, loved snowboarding and skateboarding, and dabbled in lacrosse and hockey. Swimming in cold water (ocean, stream, or river) was a joy for him. While he loved strategy and video games, music was his passion, with hours of Spotify every day.

Aware and progressive, he called out any form of bias or propaganda, and was a friend to all. A lover of nature and animals, he communed with bees, hummingbirds, and especially dogs, in amazing ways.

His family, friends, and coworkers all knew what a special young man Camden was. We are devastated that he is gone far too early from this world, that his love and light, his calm and caring nature, and his zest for life are not here anymore. His amazing potential and his bright future have been taken from him and us, leaving a huge hole.

Camden, we feel your love and light, and we do and will remember. You live on, with and in us.

Forever and For Always