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Just ask Angie: Inquiring about housing on the Coast

Q: How can the Resource Centre help me find housing?
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Angie Theilmann is a information and referral specialist at the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre. She has a biweekly column with the Coast Reporter.

Q: How can the Resource Centre help me find housing? 

A: We get a lot of people coming to us with help around housing. While we don’t have the solutions to help everyone find housing in this ongoing housing crisis, there are things we can do to help. 

If you are dealing with a tenancy issue, our in-house legal advocate may be able to help. Contact Diana Gamble at 604-989-5771. 

Staff can help you look into what subsidized housing options on the Coast may work for you, understand typical wait-times for these housing units, and then help you prepare and submit these applications if you would like help to do so. 

We can look into whether the two supportive housing options, with single-room occupancy units and with 24-hour front desk security, run by RainCity Housing, may be options for you as well. 

We know that not everyone is comfortable using all the resources on the internet. We can help you understand how to look for housing in places like Craigslist or in Facebook groups. As well, there are ways to stay in the loop for properties that come up via property management companies here on the Coast. We can help you understand how that works. 

We can help look into your eligibility for rental subsidies such as SAFER (Shelter Aid For Elderly Renters), RAP (Rental Assistance Program, for working families) or HOP (Homelessness Outreach Program, via RainCity Housing). Budgeting with these subsidies in mind can sometimes be helpful when you are trying to understand how much you are able to pay for rent each month. **If you are already renting, but have not looked into your eligibility for these subsidies we can look into that with you too. 

Finding other ways to support your current income by understanding what other financial supports may be out there can sometimes free up monthly cash to go towards housing costs. This might include food banks and free food box programs; an interest-free loan from the “Keeping People Housed” program run by Community Services; or being sure taxes are up to date so that you are receiving the government benefits you are entitled to. 

The Resource Centre can also work with you to understand how you could benefit from various levels of emotional, health and wellness support that may exist in the community as you continue on your current journey. 

To book an appointment with a Resource Centre Navigator call 604-885-4088 or email [email protected]

Angie Theilmann is an information and referral specialist at the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre, your community information hub. The Resource Centre is open Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Appointments are recommended to be sure we are available to help you. Note: on some days, we can book clients after 2pm. Contact us: [email protected] or 604-885-4088