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How you can get rid of your expired marine flares on May 28

Check your marine flare expiry dates
Marine flares
Only marine flares of types A, B, C or D will be accepted for disposal.

Disposing of expired flares has been an ongoing dilemma for boaters across the country. If your flares have a manufacture date of 2018 or earlier, they have expired or will expire this year. You can’t light them, throw them in the water or in your household garbage to get rid of them. 

To help boaters dispose of expired flares in a safe and environmentally responsible manner, Sunshine Coast Power and Sail Squadron announce their partnership with the Bitter End Boaters to collect and dispose of expired boat flares, free-of-charge.  

The event is May 28, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Bitter End Boaters Exchange, 1044 Seamount Way in Gibsons. Only marine flares of types A, B, C or D will be accepted. New flares are available for sale at the Bitter End Boaters. No obligation to purchase. For more information, call Sunshine Coast Power and Sail Squadron 604-740-7264. 

Full COVID safety protocol will be implemented during this outdoor event – physical distancing, masks, hand sanitizers. Patrons will drop the flares directly into cartons indicated by the volunteers.