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Gumboot Nation: The gazebo is not for your cast-offs

What not to do during spring cleaning
Just one example of the items left at the gazebo by the food cupboard.

Greetings Creekers! 

Well March is here. 

Spring is coming and some of you will get that “urge to purge,” also known as “spring cleaning.” It’s an activity that generally results in stuff you don’t want and this is where I get to rant.  

Do not leave your discarded items in the gazebo, by the food cupboard or on any public property.  You may think that someone else wants your stuff but I guarantee they don’t. It gets carted off and dealt with by people like myself and I am fed up! 

You may be justifiably horrified by the mess in the photo but I assure you this is just one example. I have carted home boxes of wet hardcover books and bags and bags of old clothing and broken toys. The gazebo does not need coffee tables and old chairs or toys. It is an empty space on purpose and not a blank canvas for people to decorate with their cast-offs.  

That brings me to the roadside. If you feel compelled to leave stuff at the end of your driveway, please remove it if it’s not taken in a reasonable time. If you truly believe your neighbourhood bus stop needs a chair don’t just dump it and forget about it, take it away when it gets broken. The bushes behind many stops are littered with old chairs.  

Oh, and then there’s the litter. I know it’s not you, but it’s somebody and if you see them, say something! And, by the way, that includes all the graffiti tagging going on. I’m just getting warmed up but I need to move on, so get a grip and think about your actions and how you want our community to look.  

Okay, so now you might be feeling a little worked up and in need of a relaxing movement class. Julie Plotkins is a certified 5 Rythyms instructor who lives in the Creek and has been offering classes at the hall. “Wave” classes are offered every second Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. No experience is necessary. Classes include a warm up and free dance movement to an eclectic sound track. Dress in layers, ready to dance barefoot. $20 drop in (no one turned away for financial reasons). The next class will be on March 22. Julie, along with Sharon Tron, is also responsible for the monthly Soulful Sundays classes, an upbeat yoga movement class to a live DJ. No experience required, just a yoga mat and $30 to $40 dollars (sliding scale). The next Soulful Sunday is March 26. To register, contact Julie at or drop in  10:30 a.m. to noon. 

At the Legion tonight it’s Phantom Limb, Bad Tonz and the Toxic Dead Beatz. Tomorrow night it’s the Scout’s Burger and Beer Fundraiser. On Tuesday, there will be a lot of ukuleles and voices raised in song at the Ukulele Groove and you will not want to miss next Thursday Night Jazz (the 16th) with Karen Graves.  

Don’t forget One Straw’s Seeds of March at the Hall on Saturday.  

In closing I would like to point out The Ides of March are coming and you should pay your debts or perhaps forget about them and celebrate the Romans with a toga party. 

Remember to write me with your observations of life in the Creek. 

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