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Gumboot Nation: Doing, spreading kindness

Also, Roberts Creek Hall now has wifi
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Greetings Creekers, 

Sometimes finding a starting point for this column is a challenge and I sit here at my computer waiting for the spark of inspiration to strike. This morning I was stranded in an inspiration desert when I got a notification from the Sunshine Coast Resource Center about their Do A Kindness campaign and it got my attention. As part of a poverty awareness initiative, this is a project that is seeking to recognize kind gestures and projects that help build community by promoting the stories of community members who were nominated for their actions. For the next six weeks there will be posters, Facebook posts, videos from Coast FM and ads in this newspaper, telling the stories of people and the work they do to make the Sunshine Coast a healthier and kinder place. We are all being asked to help spread the word and bring attention to this project by sharing photos of the posters with our networks and on social media. It is so important to tell these stories because they can inspire all of us and get everyone thinking about the actions we can take to help each other.  

So, here we all are with an awful lot of things on our minds and it can be overwhelming. That’s where having fun comes in. If you are looking for diversion here are some ideas for you: 

At the Legion tonight it’s Irish Pub Night with the Shamrockers and tomorrow evening it’s The Legion of the Flying Monkeys. I think that’s a great name and apparently this group features some kind of very large and odd homemade horn. Sounds interesting.  

On Saturday night the Hall will be vibrating to the sounds of Soulstream, that powerhouse jazz and funk band from Vancouver. It might be sold out but it is a reminder get your tickets now for next weekend’s Gibsons Jazz Festival.  

On Tuesdays from 4 to 6 p.m., the ukelele group “The Bugs” will be playing and singing in the Legacy Garden at the school. You might be surprised how much fun you can have singing along.  

I like “field trips,” especially if they involve food, so this next idea appeals to me. If you call or text 604-308-1391 on Thursdays, you can order homemade pizza from the Gambier Island Community Hall. Then you need to check out the schedule for the Storm Away (or find a friend with a boat) and get yourself over to Gambier Island on a Friday evening for a pizza picnic. Also, someone called Sylvie will be selling her homemade ice cream. What could be better? 

Speaking of picnics, on Wednesdays Rashmi is selling her take out dosa lunches at the Hall. A friend and I enjoyed ours in the sunshine, down by the side of the creek the other day and it was one of those “Wow, look where we live!” moments that can keep us going.  

Father’s Day is coming up and if you are looking for something to do there will be a concert at St Hilda’s Church in Sechelt. “In the Spotlight” will feature soloists and small groups from within the Sunshine Coast Community Orchestra Association. 2:30 p.m. Admission by donation.  

The Roberts Creek Hall now has wifi. It should be accessible outside the hall as well as indoors and the password is RCHall2021. 

Last week I wrote about scaring bears with loud music. This week I heard from someone who got rid of the raccoons under their cottage by playing a radio station that broadcast the loud rantings of right wing radio hosts. Personally, I would rather listen to Carmina Bearana. 

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