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Elphinstone Chronicles: Cycling slow, smashing records

TraC’s July Slow Food Cycle wildly successful for visitors and visitees
Cyclists enjoy the sun on their route through Area E, Area F and Gibsons during the Coast’s inaugural Slow Food Cycle.

The inaugural Sunshine Coast Slow Food Cycle on July 30 put on by Transportation Choices Sunshine Coast (TraC) had some major impacts in the SCRD Area of Elphinstone, and from what I have been hearing, all of the impacts were positive. 

Here at Henry Reed Produce, we didn’t know what to expect, and so kept it lower key. This was a mistake. More than 300 cyclists traversed Gibsons, Area E and Area F discovering farms, food, entertainment and tours. Everyone was excited, respectful of the farmland, and full of interesting questions for us. Our farm definitely could have gone bigger, like many of the others in our area did that day. I mean, Shady Hazel got a liquor licence and had Tapworks beer for refreshments, now that’s a proper farm party! Speaking to members of TraC after their wrap-up meeting last Saturday, as well as many other farms in Area E, I was pleased to hear everyone had a great, safe experience. 

Heather Anderson, on TraC’s organizing committee for this event, explained how this event is based on Pemberton’s very successful Slow Food Cycle, as “an entertaining way to source local food and connect the small business community to curious riders.” 

Kelly, the farmer at RR7 Farmstand on Cemetery Road, said “The Slow Food Cycle was the best event we have had a chance to participate in on the Sunshine Coast, as it removed the pressure on visitors ‘to buy’ and instead gave us all a chance to talk about local food and what is happening right in the neighbourhood with people that share the same values,” That’s not to say people weren’t buying. Many farmers I spoke to said they smashed record numbers. The Shortcut food truck located at Henry and Russell Road sold so much food they ran short on their high quality proteins and were forced to close the day after to regroup. Already many farms are brainstorming bigger ideas for next year. 

“TraC is really grateful to all the businesses in your area that took a chance on this first year,” Stephen Forgacs, another member of TraC’s organizing committee, said. “We would like to expand the event next year.” The Sunshine Coast Slow Food Cycle committee has already started planning next year’s event. Looking for more amazing cycling celebrations from TraC? Car Free Day will be held in Cruce Lane in Lower Gibsons on Saturday, Sept. 23, which will also be a blast. 

If you are interested in cycling and community building, check out TraC’s website or Facebook page where you can learn more, become a member, or volunteer at things like the Slow Food Cycle. 

I would love to hear feedback, take suggestions on topics, and hear from all 3,883 residents of Elphinstone. Email me at [email protected]