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CFUW: Bursaries available for women

Canadian Federation of University Women - Sunshine Coast
Canadian Federation of University Women
As well as educational bursaries, the Canadian Federation of University Women makes contributions to the community in other ways. In honour of International Women’s Day, the CFUW SC presented a cheque for $200 to the Sechelt Library. The library will use the funds to purchase children’s books that celebrate the achievements of women and girls. From left to right: Mardie Campbell (membership), Unni Claridge (past president), Elle Archibald (chief librarian), Barbara Cochran (president), Diana Adams (vice-president). For more information about the CFUW SC, see

This year the Bursary Society of Canadian Federation of University Women-Sunshine Coast (CFUW) is proudly celebrating 29 years of providing educational bursaries to women on the Sunshine Coast.

The application process is launching on March 8 in honour of International Women’s Day. Bursaries are available to women (21 years of age and older) from the Coast who wish to upgrade their skills and further their education. The annual bursaries are for a certificate, diploma or degree at an accredited post-secondary educational institution or through an accredited online program or course(s). 

The hope of upgrading one’s education and finding meaningful employment is out of reach for many women on the Coast. Thanks to the generosity of CFUW members and the community, over, $172,000 has been raised since 1990. Inclusive in the program this year will be a bursary available to a woman studying in a non-traditional field. 

Information and applications are available online at Completed applications must be received by May 1. Bursaries will be awarded to successful applicants in May. 

These bursaries make a positive impact on the lives of local women and their families. The feedback from bursary recipients is that they could not have succeeded without such financial support and encouragement. 

Educational bursaries for women would not be possible without the support of the community. If you wish to donate, please see the website. Additional ways to show support include the Bursary Society endowment fund, and IGA Marketplace fundraising cards. You can help to build and maintain a strong community on the Coast. 

– Submitted by the Bursary Society, CFUW-SC