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Watch: Port Moody swimmer's bone-chilling plunge puts positive spin of Tri-Cities snowfall

Lucas Fong's swim practice was cancelled. So, he took advantage of an opportunity to test his mental strength.
Swimmer Lucas Fong took the (literal) polar plunge into 40 cm of snow that piled up his Port Moody backyard on Dec. 20, 2022.

The Tri-Cities snowfall Tuesday morning (Dec. 20) forced many buildings to close, including local pools.

This was the case for Port Moody competitive swimmer Lucas Fong when his Simon Fraser Aquatics coach cancelled practice as a result of the heavy white stuff, which accumulated between 15 and 30 cm depending on where you live.

However, Fong's backyard saw roughly 40 cm of snow and the 16-year-old decided to take advantage of the day off.

Swimmers are known for their incredible physique as well as their mental strength.

So, what better way to put both to the test than to take a polar plunge.

Fong put on his trunks, swim cap and goggles — as well as a thick long winter coat — and ventured out into the cold unknown.

The Coquitlam lifeguard then threw the jacket away, got into the starter's position and dove into the snow pool to practice his freestyle strokes.

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Snow day for all

Fong's example of seizing life was also displayed by other Tri-Cities residents today.

Dog owners went for early walks with their furry four-legged friends — most of which decided to jump about the snow.

Homeowners, like Mike Arboit of Coquitlam, also spent hours shovelling their driveway before heading out for the day.

He even rewarded himself with an energy drink in between shovels as a result of the heavy snow.

Meanwhile, property owners were presented the opportunity to capture winter wonderland videos and photos across social media.

Arctic outflow warning

And as the scenery was splendid for everyone, it also serves as a reminder to dress appropriately and be prepared for the conditions that lie ahead.

Environment Canada has issued an arctic outflow warning for the Tri-Cities as temperatures are expected to drop as low as -25 C with wind chill between today and Thursday (Dec. 22).

Meteorologists say a cold air mass is heading towards Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody, set to include strong outflow winds that'll bring the mercury below seasonal norms.

There's also a 30 per cent chance of flurries, the national agency's latest forecast reads.

At day's peak, the high is expected to reach -10 C during the outflow alert.

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