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Squamish raccoons crash birthday party

The masked guests tried out every chair and then took a nap.

Some uninvited guests crashed Wendy Melvin's party for her mom's birthday on Saturday, Dec. 17. 

When the masked guests appeared, Melvin was hosting a small dinner party to celebrate her mom's 77th birthday at her home in Squamish's University Heights.  

They politely wore masks and sat themselves down quite comfortably. 

"Just as we were finishing cake, two very cute, very healthy visitors showed up. They tried out every chair, posed for many photos, and then curled up in two furry balls and fell asleep," she told The Squamish Chief. 

Don't try this at home

In all seriousness, though, WildSafeBC warns that raccoons are wild animals that humans should be wary of. 

Raccoons can carry a roundworm parasite that is potentially dangerous to humans. Care should be taken disposing of feces left by raccoons, reads the WildSafeBC site. 

"While raccoons have the potential to carry rabies, there have been no cases of rabies found in raccoons in B.C. Children should be taught not to approach any wildlife, as serious bites and scratches may result from an encounter with a raccoon."

Further, like bears, food-conditioned and human-habituated raccoons become bolder around humans and can cause injury.