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Cross-Canada run: Man tackles 7,398 km challenge for heart disease

He is inviting people to run with him and plans to be in B.C. on June 26.
Ryan Keeping plans to run across Canada in 99 days, and will finish in Victoria, B.C.

A man is running from Newfoundland and Labrador all the way to British Columbia to raise funds and awareness for heart disease. 

Ryan Keeping is an ultra-marathon runner from Halifax and set out on April 1 to run 7,398 kilometres across Canada. 

He was inspired by Terry Fox to take on the daunting task.

"Many of my family members, including my dad and grandfathers, have been affected by heart disease,” says Keeping. "Recently, both of my siblings have tested positive for the gene causing these heart issues.”

He’ll be raising funds and awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada to help other families like his who have heart disease. 

Keeping will finish in Victoria, running 75 kilometres a day for 99 days. 

“Pushing the limits of what I once thought was possible,” he says. 

He has created a GoFundMe fundraiser with 80 per cent of the money raised going towards the foundation and 20 per cent covering his expenses during his journey. 

So far, he’s raised $10,762 with a goal of $100,000. 

On April 3, he posted a video of him running while snow fell and thanked everyone for their support.

“I literally feel like I have the whole country of Canada behind me,” he says.

He plans to enter B.C. on June 26 and invites people to come run with him.