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Bored of Wordle? Here are some awesome spinoffs you should try

From Wordle in different languages to a Wordle that hates you, here are ways to expand your five-letter horizon.
WordleSteven ChuaSquamish
Reporter Steven Chua, starting his daily Wordle game.

Bored of Wordle?

Many people who’ve been playing the hit game may be interested in expanding their horizons.

In that case, there are many variations of the viral pastime. 

Is Wordle too easy? Step it into hard mode. Absurdle is like Wordle — if it hated you. This adversarial variation seeks to prolong the game as long as possible.

In other words, it’s trying to break you.

For people keen to test their geography, there’s Worldle, which has you try to name a country by only viewing its silhouette.

Speaking of worldly, are you fluent in other languages? Maybe it’s time to try something like Chinese-language versions of the game. 

For those who want to play in the language of love, there’s also French Wordle.

And of, course, we’d be leaving out another huge chunk of the world’s population if we didn’t include Spanish Wordle.

Finally, there's a good chance that many of you are just finished with words. Like, just done.

For you, we recommend Nerdle, which reduces the game to what Galileo called "the language in which God has written the universe.”

In other words, pure math — the enemy of many of us writers.