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'Beliebe the hype': Michael Bublé tries Timbiebs in hilarious TikTok (VIDEO)

The Christmas crooner set out on a scooter to taste the sought after donut holes
Buble reacts
Vancouver's own Christmas crooner reacted to Tim Horton's Timbiebs in a recent TikTok video.

Having been brought out from hibernation for the holiday season, Vancouver's own Christmas crooner recently became a Timbiebs belieber.

In a recent TikTok, Michael Bublé announced that now he is in Vancouver for the holidays there was just something he had to do. That "something" was getting on a small tri-wheeled scooter and scooting his way over to the nearest Tim Hortons.

Once there, he ever so Canadian-ly asked for a big box of Timbiebs, the product of a recent collaboration between the Canadian pop star Justin Beiber and the restaurant chain that comprises one of Canada's major food groups.

The biggest box Bublé bought was the same size every Timbit and Bieber fan receives, a box of 10 including the three different flavours: Birthday Cake Waffle, Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip. 


Beliebe the hype 🙌🏼 @Justin Bieber @timhortons ##timbiebs ##holyholyholy

♬ original sound - Michael Bublé

Bublé tucked into his box of Timbiebs sitting on the ground outside a car wash and immediately unleashed a flurry of near-incoherent exclamations. Vancouver Is Awesome's Fast Food Panel on the other hand didn't share exactly the same reaction.

Bublé had commented on Timbiebs on his TikTok once before, asking if anyone at Tim Hortons would consider another Canadian pop-star team-up.


Congrats @Justin Bieber on ur ##Timbiebs Hoping @Tim Hortons slides into my DM’s. I have a flavour in mind for my ##Bublébits ##Honeydippedcinnamonmaple

♬ original sound - Michael Bublé