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Here's what travellers can expect during a 'government-approved' hotel quarantine in Vancouver

Hotels aren't required to provide or deliver alcohol or cannabis to your room.
Travellers arriving by air to Vancouver International Airport will have to book a three-night stay in a government-approved hotel for quarantining.

Today, the Canadian government released a list of approved hotels for travellers who fly into the country to stay in for quarantine upon arrival.

All hotels will be located near one of the four Canadian airports currently accepting international flights. These accommodations are privately owned and authorized by the Government of Canada.

So far, only one Vancouver hotel is on the list--the Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport in Richmond. However, the current list of hotels is incomplete and will be finalized in the coming days.

Travellers entering Canada by air need to book their hotel for a three-night stay upon arrival. They will also need to provide a negative result for a COVID-19 molecular test taken within a 72-hour timeframe of their scheduled flight. 

Hotel stopover bookings are managed by American Express Global Business Travel and available by phone only. To book your mandatory three-night hotel stopover, call 1-800-294-8253.

These hotels accommodate travellers while waiting for their arrival test results. Generally, they're for people who:

  • don't have symptoms
  • have a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result
  • aren't close contacts of people who have or may have COVID-19

Getting to your government-authorized hotel

You can drive yourself to your hotel if your private vehicle is:

  • parked in one of the airport's parking lots and
  • within walking distance from the airport (for example, you don't need public transit to get to your vehicle)

You must go directly to your hotel. In other words, don't stop for gas, food or other items.

If you don't have your own private vehicle, you may take a:

  • shuttle bus for government-authorized hotels (follow instructions provided at the airport)
  • taxi or limousine

What travellers can expect in the quarantine hotels 


Meals will be delivered to your room three times daily.


Cleaning personnel won't enter your room during this quarantine period.

You'll be provided with 60 per cent alcohol-based hand sanitizer and approved hard surface disinfectants. These are to clean and disinfect the frequently touched surfaces in your room to keep yourself and others safe.

You may request additional towels and toiletries be delivered in a contactless manner.

Going outside

Travellers who don't have symptoms can go outside for limited and monitored outdoor time. Check with the hotel for the location and schedule.

During your outdoor time, you're required to wear a non-medical mask and maintain a two-metre distance from others.

Physical contact with others

You aren't permitted to interact with travellers outside your immediate household or visit common areas of the hotel, such as the lobby or pool. You'll be able to make phone or video calls to other people.


If you have a pet, make arrangements to book your mandatory stopover in a hotel that allows pets.

Alcohol and cannabis

Alcohol and cannabis products (unless medically prescribed) aren't considered essential items. Hotels aren't required to provide or deliver these items to your room.

What you're responsible for during the hotel quarantine

You must follow: 

  • rules and regulations of the Quarantine Act
  • instructions provided by the screening officer or quarantine officer when entering Canada

You must:

  • self-monitor for symptoms of COVID and report daily through ArriveCAN
  • follow the code of conduct of the hotel
  • pay for all costs associated with the 3-night stay at the hotel, including any damage to the hotel room or property
  • remain in your assigned room unless escorted by an official
  • limit face-to-face contact with others
  • always wear a non-medical mask any time you:
  • open your door to receive meals
  • speak face-to-face with hotel personnel
  • are escorted outside of your room

You must not:

  • leave your hotel room unless it's:
    • for a medical emergency
    • for an essential medical service or treatment
    • pre-authorized by a government official
  • have any visitors
  • use shared spaces, such as:
    • pools
    • gyms
    • lobbies
    • courtyards
    • restaurants

Violating any instructions provided to you when entering Canada is an offence under the Quarantine Act and could lead to a fine of up to $750,000 and/or up to six months in prison.