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RCMP, SPCA investigate disturbing case of dog tied to anchor in Shuswap Lake

The dog was found July 1.
Shuswap Lake.

Warning: This story contains graphic details that may be distressing to some readers.

The disturbing discovery of a dog tied to an anchor and left to drown in Shuswap Lake is under investigation by both the RCMP and SPCA.

Sicamous RCMP say they responded to the grisly incident on July 1 and found the dog to be deceased.

"The large breed dog was found near the shore of Shuswap Lake and tied to an anchoring device, which prevented the animal from reaching shore or touching bottom," RCMP Sgt. Murray McNeil said in a press release.

There was another line tied to a nearby pole on the shore.

The remains of the dog were seized by SPCA investigators.

"This is a disturbing discovery, as it appears the animal was intentionally made to suffer by drowning," said McNeil.

Lydia Heppner, a member of the Sicamous Rant and Rave Facebook group, says she was horrified to come across the dead dog while boating.

Heppner said she reported the incident to the RCMP.

"I hope this evil person gets caught," she posted.

"We were boating along the railway tracks, heading west, when we saw a long yellow rope, one end attached to a telephone pole, the other end stretched out into the water attached to something. When we got close, to our astonishment we realized there was a large, dead dog attached to the other end of the rope.

"Not only that, but it had also been tied to an anchor 10 feet deep. Who would do something as horrid as that?"

Anyone with information as to the identity of the animal or the person responsible is asked to contact the BC SPCA or the Sicamous RCMP at 250-836-2878.