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ICBC warns of fake rebate text messages

Don't respond. Delete those messages!
Regular gasoline hit $2.11 per litre at some gas stations in Metro Vancouver Mar. 9, 2022.

If you get a text message regarding an ICBC relief rebate, you are being advised to delete it.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia took to social media Sunday to warn drivers about a scam.

Some people have been receiving text messages regarding their rebates, but ICBC says they are fake messages. It says it would not issue rebates via text or email.

The provincial government announced on Friday that it would be issuing rebates to drivers to offset skyrocketing gas prices, by dipping into what Premier John Horgan called the ‘robust’ surplus at ICBC.

One-time rebates of $110 for personal drivers and $165 for commercial drivers will start to go out in May. In total, $395M worth of rebates is being distributed.

To find out how the rebates will be issued you can visit the Crown corporation’s website.