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Apologetic bakery burglar offers to pay for repairs, stolen cupcakes

He even volunteered to give the bakery owner his signature orange sunglasses.
A man who broke into a bakery in May 2023, cleans up after breaking the glass door in security footage.

An already unusual local crime story has a new twist. 

After one of the more thoughtful break-and-enter thefts in Vancouver's history, a man has called to apologize for the crime and offered to pay for what he took and the damage he caused.

On Friday, May 26 at around 3 a.m. a man broke into Sweet Something bakery. After cleaning up the glass from the door he broke to get in, he only took a half-dozen chocolate cupcakes (well, he took a few selfies on the store phone, but those stayed at the store).

The owner posted the bizarre surveillance video on TikTok.

"I hope they're good bro; next time just ask, we'll be happy to give you the six cupcakes," she says at the end of the video.

But that's not the end of the story

The video got attention, both in traditional media and social media; Sweet Something even took to making cupcakes with orange sunglasses on them, like the ones the thief wore in his selfies.

But early this week it took another odd turn when the thief called the store.

"He profusely apologized," says bakery owner Emma Irvine in a new video. "You could tell it was really sincere and he's offered to pay for the door and for the cupcakes."

She notes the business has asked police to not press charges, she adds.

The business owner says the two "had a good laugh together," adding: "I told him I'm not mad or upset. He told me that maybe one day we could sit down together and have a cupcake and talk about the situation."

She says the man also offered to give her the sunglasses he wore for the selfies.

"I feel like I would wear them all the time, just to make light of the situation."


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