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Video: Port Moody dragon boaters have close encounter with visiting orcas

A small group of orcas visiting Burrard Inlet was captured on video by Port Moody dragon boaters.

Some Port Moody dragon boaters on Burrard Inlet had unexpected company during their training paddle Thursday evening, April 25.

Carrie Stefanson, of the Draggin’ Divas dragon boat team based out of Rocky Point Park, said the close encounter with four orcas was “magical.”

She said without any motorized craft on the water at the time, the orcas hung around for about 30 minutes.

The visit was captured on video by one of the paddlers, who respectfully put their paddles down to not disturb the animals.

Orcas are frequent visitors to the inlet, often chasing prey up Indian Arm.

A visiting pod last summer caused such chaos among boaters looking to get a closer look, an organized group of residents who live along Port Moody’s north shore called for greater education and enforcement of marine decorum and rules.

Patrick Dennett, of the Alderside Residents Committee said the east end of Burrard Inlet can often turn into “the wild wild West,” especially when something unusual like visiting wildlife occurs.

He said residents on shore are careful to keep an eye out for any problems and are able to notify authorities in case of emergencies.