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Out of his league

Our new rookie MP has some pretty lofty goals it seems.

Our new rookie MP has some pretty lofty goals it seems.Blair Wilson, who represents West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, was quoted in the Vancouver Sun this week that he would "entertain" the idea of jumping into the federal Liberal leadership race.He said he knows it would be a long shot, but if asked, and if he received support from senior party members, he wouldn't rule out the opportunity.It's great to have goals and high aspirations - and what could be a higher aspiration than leader of a federal political party, but we think Wilson is a little out of his league on this one.Wilson has been on the job since late January - a grand total of four months. How can he expect to even consider a run for the party leadership with such an unproven track record?Our sister paper, the Powell River Peak, attempted to contact Wilson for further comment on Wednesday, but his staffers said he was too busy and was unavailable. Four phone calls later and still no response. This is becoming a pattern lately as Wilson has failed to fulfil interview requests with several of our newspapers.Wilson has yet to open up a campaign office in Sechelt. One of his promises during the election campaign was how accessible he was going to be once elected. So far, in our opinion, he's not living up to that promise.Wilson's predecessor, John Reynolds, was always accessible via email to his constituents as well as the media. A phone call or an email never went unreturned by Reynolds. He always got back to you and even if he didn't have an answer to the question at his finger tips, he made sure to get the answer and called back immediately.We realize that this job is time consuming and results in lots of travel time, especially when you represent the largest riding in the country, but if you can't handle simple things like returning a phone call, answering a question or honouring an interview request, you shouldn't have stepped up to be a political candidate.So here's a little friendly advice Blair, concentrate more on learning about the issues, learning about the job and dealing with you're constituents first, before thinking about considering a run as party leader.