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Light industry not a hotel

Editor: Re: "Coast hears Sooke's hotel-attraction tips" (Coast Reporter, July 9).


Re: "Coast hears Sooke's hotel-attraction tips" (Coast Reporter, July 9).

Evan Parliament, Sooke's chief administration and development officer, described how Sooke, a moribund community had reinvented itself by attracting a hotel and convention centre. Coast politicians and business people hearing this were excited, and I have no doubt the business and construction elite were excited considering the financial gains.

But now, let's be realistic. Parliament, in describing Sooke, said, "Sooke has been called every name in the book: End of the Line, Distant Cousin, Forgotten Child, Outside Victoria on the Road to Nowhere." This certainly does not describe the Sunshine Coast communities. Ours is a vibrant area. The Festival of the Written Arts, the music festivals from Gibsons to Madeira Park and Garden Bay attract thousands. Even the longboard event Attack of Danger Bay brings folks from as far away as Europe and Australia.

What we really need is light industry such as high tech that has low environmental affect and provides well-paying jobs. So many people I know are upset that their children have to leave home after graduating from high school to find decent jobs on the Lower Mainland.

A downside to hotel/convention centres is the impact on services such as sewerage and water and the additional strain on essential services. There is little advantage to the average person and it would hurt B&Bs and motels. We certainly don't want that.

My advice would be to aggressively seek out high tech companies or the like and offer all the incentives we can to attract them.

Edward Keeling