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Christian quandary musings

Religion has been on my mind a lot this week.

Religion has been on my mind a lot this week.

It all started last Sunday when the church I've belonged to since being baptized at the age of six decided in its infinite wisdom that the second Sunday in May would no longer be celebrated as Mothers Day. Instead, it is now to be known by the politically correct title of Christian Family Sunday.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't happy to suddenly find that mother had become a dirty word. I personally like getting my three phone calls a year knowing that, for a change, the only reason for the call is pleasant. I don't know the reason for the change, but I wonder if some beleaguered soul wasn't grounded one too many times as a child and this is their chance to finally get even.

The second newsy event that drew me to ponder the wisdom of the religious hierarchy concerns the hue and cry that's gone on about the Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown's book is causing a great deal of angst these days in the Christian world.

With the usual air of superiority that accompanies challenge to any of the teachings of the established churches, leaders are wringing their hands and worrying that a work of FICTION might cause their little lost sheep to end up in the wrong pasture.

Now, with the advent of the release of the movie this weekend, the hand-wringing is beginning in earnest. After all, North Americans may be too lazy to read anything, and certainly not a book that actually requires them to think, but they will line up in droves to watch a movie starring one of the finest actors of our time, Tom Hanks.

Fortunately we have brilliant minds in organized religion to guide us.

One such mind is quick to point out that although he's read the book, he only borrowed it from a friend. The churchman would never do anything that would add to Brown's wealth. And the leader further plans to see the movie, but only after it comes out on DVD. And he'll probably borrow the DVD from a friend as well. It makes me wonder if he really is principled or just cheap.

The third thing that caught my eye this week has yet to elicit a reaction from any Canadian churches - the ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada that it's now legal to be a swinger. Providing, of course, that you're discreet and no one has twisted your arm or any other body part to get you to take part in this party plan.

It may be that ruling is just too new to have garnered reactions. But my theory is the religious folks know that most of us are too busy being mothers, reading the Da Vinci Code or lining up to see the movie that we just don't have time for such tomfoolery.

What's on your mind this week?

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