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Fourteen-unit senior housing in final stages of construction at Lily Lake

Campbell House is on track for June opening
A rendered image of the coming development at Lily Lake, providing affordable housing for seniors.

The Campbell House development at Lily Lake is nearing completion. The 14-unit senior housing development is on track to open by June 2024, said Les Falk, chair of Pender Harbour Seniors Housing Society (PHSHS).

The housing development has been on the horizon for several years. Falk, who has been on the PHSHS board since 2017 said that the planning for this project began as far back as 2005.

The development is on property owned by PHSHS and as the plans have shifted, BC Housing has continued to support the development and has contributed $4.3 million in equity, and will be co-owners of the facility. The building itself will be entirely operated by PHSHS, Falk clarified. 

While the timeline on this project has shifted multiple times, Falk said that Spani Developments is still on track to have the building ready by June. 

Two units will be two-bedroom suites and the rest will be single-bedroom bachelor units. 

Falk said each unit will be wheelchair accessible, have its own balcony, basic kitchen (with everything except a dishwasher) and other features designed to make it easier for seniors to get around – including housekeeping and meal preparation for an additional cost. 

The ground floor will have a combined lounge and common kitchen area for residents to gather, and each floor will have a separate laundry room. 

The development will also be prepared to brave the elements: it will have a generator for when the power goes out.

Units at this development are still up for grabs – Falk said that the housing society is still forming their waitlist, clarifying that it’s “not first-come-first-serve.”

“No one should feel that they shouldn't apply,” Falk said, explaining that the housing society will be hiring an administrator with experience in tenant selection closer to the opening date who will live in the building and go through the list of applicants. 

“We want people who are compatible with each other … they will live together a long time, so it's worth spending some time in finding out,” he said. 

With units still available, the application form can be found online.

Jordan Copp is the Coast Reporter’s civic and Indigenous affairs reporter. This reporting beat is made possible by the Local Journalism Initiative.