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Photography festival features Creekers

Goldmoss Satellite
From left: Bon Roberts, Derek Junck Hunter, Mira Hunter, Nicolas Teichrob.

Photography is gaining credibility in the art world, not just in Canada but in the rarefied air of prestigious galleries abroad where photos are now being hung beside the works of great painters.

Lee Roberts of Roberts Creek is curating a show of photography at the Goldmoss Satellite, a gallery at 1338 Franklin St. in Vancouver, that will take part for the first time in the Capture Photography Festival that runs throughout April. It’s an international photo festival that hosts 64 exhibitions and 44 events in the Vancouver area.

Goldmoss Satellite (named after the original Goldmoss Gallery in Roberts Creek) will hold their themed show with six contemporary art photographers producing new works to the show title of Wide Open. At Goldmoss, four of the six accomplished artists are from Roberts Creek and have very different approaches to their art practice. The artists are Nicolas Teichrob, Mira Hunter, Derek Junck Hunter and Bon Roberts. Two others – Jonathan Dy and Lital Marom – will also show their work.

“These are not commercial artists,” Roberts said, “although they are professionals. They are artists using cameras as a form of art expression.”

Teichrob has a unique eye that has picked up over 50 awards through his outdoor adventure photography. More recently, Coast audiences have watched his stand-up paddle-boarding film titled Stand.

Mira Hunter, a multi-disciplinary visual artist, divides her time between Brooklyn, New York and Roberts Creek. Her sculptural installations often include imagery captured using a special camera device. Derek Junck Hunter is an environmentalist and visual artist who hopes to draw viewers into the entrancing, wide world around them.

“Work from Derek and Mira is always a surprise,” Roberts said.

Bon Roberts’ photography tells a story. The theme is hens but the bigger picture is about documenting changing scenes on a permaculture property. 

The Capture Photo-graphy Festival launches its opening reception featuring nine artists on April 1 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Contemporary Art Gallery, 555 Nelson St. in Vancouver ( Sunshine Coasters are invited and welcome to attend. Following the festival’s reception, the public is invited to attend the opening reception at Goldmoss Satellite ( situated in a craft brewery at 1338 Franklin St. from 7 to 10 p.m.