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Have you seen barn swallows nesting?

Wildlife Project
Barn swallow chicks. The barn swallow population has declined by more than 90 per cent across North America in the past 40 years.

The Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project (SCWP) is asking for the community’s help in documenting barn swallow nest sites. 

Symbols of good luck, swallows entertain and inspire us with their graceful movements across the sky. Once one of world’s most widespread and common birds, the barn swallow has experienced devastating population declines in recent decades, declining by more than 90 per cent across North America in the past 40 years. These losses are thought to be related to pesticide use, changes in insect populations, habitat loss, and global warming. 

Barn swallows nest almost exclusively in or on human structures such as houses, barns, garages, and sheds, upon which they build nests of mud mixed with grasses. If you have seen swallows nesting, please contact or 604-989-1007. 

The SCWP’s wildlife conservation efforts are generously supported by Habitat Stewardship Program, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Gencon Foundation, Sunshine Coast Community Foundation and the Sunshine Coast Regional District. For more information, please visit

– Submitted by Michelle Evelyn