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Elphinstone Chronicles: What’s with the orange barrels along Highway 101?

Also, Art Crawl will have Elphinstone rocking
A highway accident Sept. 15 resulted in a smashed up barrier near Woodcreek Park. Thankfully, however, there were no fatalities in the incident.

This autumn is rocking in Area E.  The annual Sunshine Coast Art Crawl is gearing up for October 20 through 22 this year, and in the area of Elphinstone alone, there are 14 studios featuring talented artists. There’s a little something for everyone. Here are just three of the venues I’m excited to see who are generously opening their doors to us in Area E: 

Janine Dunn is a painter with a new studio at Sunnycoast Farm on Reed Road. She creates modern, large-scale folk art inspired by local farmland. You can join Janine for the grand opening soiree of her studio on Friday the 21st for hors d’oeuvres and drinks, surrounded by her stunning, earth toned paintings. 

On the 50 km/h length of King Road (friendly reminder) you’ll find the studio of Dean van’t Schip, who, being born and raised here, has an eye for the beauty of the Sunshine Coast. He has been experimenting with intentional controlled camera movement photography, resulting in a new body of work he calls “Photo Impressions”. It is super cool, it’s almost like he makes impressionist paintings, but using photography. 

Down on Sunnyside Road you can bring the kids to visit the artist and curator of Rockin’deed, Nurit Weiss Davicioni. Her venue features arts of many different mediums, beach inspired jewellery, gifts, treats, and a special kids corner. Nurit is a community builder who is full of amazing ideas, and this year she has lots of surprises for Art Crawl, so don’t miss this stop. 

Check out all the venues with the interactive map on the Coast Cultural Alliance website. 

Just be sure that while passing by all the purple banners that you please keep an eye on the road; If you’re wondering what the orange barrels are along the highway between Oceanview Drive and Burton Road, you’re not alone. I’ve been asked several times this week what happened there. Remember September 15, when everyone on the Coast was late because of stand-still traffic? Yes, we all know someone whose travel time was affected. There’s a big hole in the partition, and neighbours of Woodcreek Park say that if you think the cement barrier looks bad, you should have seen the vehicles involved. Luckily no major injuries, but let’s stay safe along that notorious stretch of highway, people. 

Don’t forget the Gibsons Fall Fair October 7 and 8 at Quality Garden & Pet, just in time for Thanksgiving. The Elphinstone Community Association will have their general meeting, which you are welcome to attend, on October 18. Not associated with the Art Crawl, but on the same weekend, you might want to get goofy and participate in the monthly Bob Ross Paint Party at the Gibsons Legion, which happens to be hosted by a resident of Area E. 

I would love to hear feedback, take suggestions on topics in our neighbourhood, and hear from all 3,883 residents of Elphinstone. I know you’re out there. Email me at [email protected]