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Vancouver man gets conditional sentence for advertising woman's sexual services

The man met the woman on Instagram in 2019 where he convinced her to provide sexual services in a Vancouver massage parlour.
A Vancouver man was sentenced in Vancouver Provincial Court on April 5 for advertising sexual services and uttering threats.

A Vancouver man who pleaded guilty to charges in connection with a young woman selling sexual services in Vancouver and Richmond has received seven months’ house arrest.

Vancouver provincial court Judge Gregory Rideout sentenced Jyric Dean Fabros to another seven months of curfew and 16 months' probation, according to a ruling handed down April 5. 

Taking the stand, Fabros's victim said she felt lost and suicidal on a daily basis since the crimes. 

“I am not able to attend family events because I feel like I am being stalked and followed,” she said as her parents looked on.

The woman added: “I know I am not worthless. I am strong. I will heal.”

Crown prosecutor Jenny Dick told the judge Fabros had met the woman on Instagram in September 2019. He arranged for her to provide sexual services at $220 per customer at an East Vancouver massage parlour.

“She had never worked in a massage parlour before and she didn’t know what to expect,” Dick said.

The parlour would take $40 and then Fabros took half of the remaining $180, court heard.

He would also drive the woman, whose name is protected by a publication ban, to outcalls.

Fabros took 50 per cent of that money, too.

She continued to do online advertising.

Soon, Fabros began to pressure her to provide other services to clients, a situation that soon led the woman to use drugs and alcohol.

Eventually, she said she wanted to leave sex work but he pressured her to work more, Dick said.

Fabros told her she would have to pay $4,000 to stop and that a replacement for her would have to be found.

He began to threaten her, telling her she would lose her teeth for running off her mouth.

In March 2020, Fabros arranged for her to work from a Richmond condominium. He continued to take 50 per cent of what she earned.

He also took over online advertising, posting multiple ads for her services and responding to customers. He told her she was bad at advertising and he wanted to build clientele, Dick said.

Again, she wanted to stop. This time, Fabros upped the fee to escape their relationship to $8,000 and told her to find a replacement. He said two other women would deal with her.

The next day, she called police.

Fabros pleaded guilty to advertising sexual services for a consideration and uttering threats.

A further charge against Fabros of benefiting from sexual services was stayed.

Defence lawyer Conor Muldoon told the judge Fabros has “accepted responsibility by his guilty plea and he is remorseful.”

Dick said what Fabros did to the woman was “inherently injurious to her dignity as a human being.”

In sentencing Fabros, Rideout said if the man violated any of his sentencing conditions, he would be going to prison.

“Is that crystal clear?” the judge asked Fabros.

“Yes,” Fabros said.

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