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Letter: As a Gen Xer, I 'sacrificed' and ignored FOMO to afford my home

'No trips to Mexico so that we could add to our Instagram account.'
A member of Gen X says affording a home is about sacrificing things. iStock photo


Re: Millennials saying they can’t afford Burnaby home prices, NOW Letters

If the millennial generation would simply step back, take a breath and look around, particularly in the mirror, they might find that their problems with housing is not the boomers fault or anyone else’s but their own.

I'm a Gen Xer and bought my house back in the 1990s, so I believe I have a better take on this issue than the boomers and the millennials. My house was also financially out of my price range, but we wanted this house. So we sacrificed. No trips to Mexico so that we could add to our Instagram account. No fancy dinners out with friends. We cooked our own meals. (What millennial can say that?)

And we succeeded.

We are now financially secure to travel and spend on ourselves. Heck, if you gave up on the FOMO for two to three years, you'd have enough for a down payment for a nice starter home.

Final word: stop, breathe and look seriously in the mirror before you rant about how bad you have it.

Mark Mikkelson