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New Kamloops search dog named 'Taseko'

The newest four-legged recruit for Kamloops Search and Rescue finally has a name: Taseko. 

On July 28, the organization shared pictures of the puppy on their social media channels and asked the public to weigh in with a name.

Spokesperson Jennifer Stahn tells KamloopsMatters staff received more than 1,000 comments, emails and private messages, with more than 500 unique suggestions.

"We were (surprised) and we weren't (surprised about the feedback), because we did a similar thing with Ranger. Ranger was a contest so we weren't sure if the same number of people would jump in on the fun," she says. "It's just amazing to see how many people actually cared about this."

The list of names was narrowed down a few times, changed, and then narrowed again. Taseko's handler Sandra Neill, who lost her dog Taz last year, couldn't decide between the final two names, so it was put to the search and rescue team in a poll. The second-runner up was Merlin.

Stahn notes Taseko (pronounced 'seeko') was suggested a few times; it was even on Neill's original list.

Some of the other suggestions include Tracker (from Paw Patrol) and Bear.

"Probably not the best name if you have a dog running in the woods, and you're yelling bear," Stahn says with a laugh.