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Watch for kids biking next week: it's Bike to School Week

Bowen will see a higher volume of bike riders on the road the week of May 31-June 4
Trey with a bike
Trey took the HUB cycle program held at BICS recently and has been bike riding to school (almost) daily since. Trey hopes to inspire other youth to ride to school as well, especially next week during Bike to School Week. May 2021

Ninety Bowen Island Community School students recently participated in a bike safety program facilitated by educators from the cycling advocacy group, HUB cycling. Intersections and other challenging road conditions students might encounter while riding on actual roads were simulated on the paved areas of the school site for students to practise their safe-riding skills. The classroom components of the program included learning about proper equipment and maintenance, and reading signs. This hands-on program was offered free of charge from HUB cycling to help young people build important physical skills as well as confidence and knowledge of how to ride a bike safely. 

The program was scheduled to run a few weeks before Bike to School Week where students with riding skills and a safe route to school are encouraged to bike, walk and roll to school. Some students may be able to ride from their home to school; others are encouraged to “park and ride,” meaning they can get a ride to a nearby parking lot and ride the last bit to school through trails or low-traffic roads.  

Bowen will see a higher volume of bike riders on the road the week of May 31 to June 4. We hope that in a shared effort to encourage sustainable, active transportation, Islanders will be extra-courteous to cyclists, including waiting to pass cyclists in safe areas only, driving slowly, and giving cyclists a minimum of one metre clearance. The RCMP will be supporting Bike to School Week by providing extra speed enforcement along some of Bowen’s roads May 31 to June 4.  

Thank you in advance to the community for supporting a safe and healthy cycling culture on Bowen Island.