Wednesday April 16, 2014

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Ministry gets failing grade

The provincial Ministry of Education is under fire again this week over its inexplicable decision to pull the rug right out from under local school boards. We learned at Tuesday nightís School District No. 46 board meeting that the Ministry has...


No excuse to get cozy with Nazis

There are reasons why there are Nazis in Ukraine. Back in November 2003, when I was editor of...

Trash this bad recycling plan

The B.C. government is trying to fix something that isnít broken ó and itís making a mess in the...

Banging on about barriers and books

Iím not sure how old I was when I learned to read. I do remember my mother telling me that I...

Competition bureau brings down the hammer

The rumour mill was in overdrive this week as news of the impending closure of Shoppers Drug Mart...

Amazing strength through 12 years of suffering

I donít know if I would have been so strong. Imagine at the age of 13 starting to feel so sick...

Infrastructure costs swamping

Alarm bells are going off lately on the Coast about the need to raise more money to cover the cost...

Sacrifices for sporting success

Voter apathy troubling

Recycling policy a threat to us all

Seize the opportunities

George terror smells like politics

Thinking pink

Love for baby Shea

Shaking up the neknomination game

Residential school movie opened my eyes

Time to get a deal done

Showing some Olympic spirit

Veterans deserve respect

A heart warming endevour

Stand up and ban the bullies

Stand united in this ferry fight

Protesting to pressure the premier

Drivers: follow the rules

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