Phillies-Blue Jays Runs

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May 7, 2014 06:34 PM

Toronto Blue Jays' Edwin Encarnacion (right) and Erik Kratz celebrate their 10-0 win over the Philadelphia Phillies in interleague baseball action in Toronto on Wednesday May 7, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Blue Jays third. Francisco grounded out, second baseman Utley to first baseman Mayberry. Rasmus singled to right. St.Tolleson doubled to centre, Rasmus to third. Reyes hit a sacrifice fly to right fielder Byrd, Rasmus scored. Me.Cabrera struck out.

1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 1 left on. Blue Jays 1, Phillies 0.

Blue Jays seventh. Encarnacion tripled to centre. Kratz homered to left on a 0-0 count, Encarnacion scored. Navarro singled to left. Francisco homered to right on a 1-0 count, Navarro scored. Rasmus grounded out, second baseman Utley to first baseman Mayberry. St.Tolleson doubled to right. . Hollands pitching. On Hollands's wild pitch, St.Tolleson to third. Reyes walked. Reyes stole second. Me.Cabrera struck out, St.Tolleson scored, Reyes to third. . Camp pitching. Bautista singled to left, Reyes scored, Me.Cabrera to second. Encarnacion homered to centre on a 0-1 count, Me.Cabrera scored, Bautista scored. Kratz singled to left. Navarro hit into a double play, shortstop Nix to second baseman Utley to first baseman Mayberry, Kratz out.

9 runs, 8 hits, 0 errors, 0 left on. Blue Jays 10, Phillies 0.

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